Wednesday,26 188ai网站September 2012

Memory Formation!?!!!

I intend to focus my research on the secrets of my memory.I hope my research will get me to appreciate much more the magic of this gift.And hopefully lead me down a road filled with many more mind boggling questions.Why can I have vivid memories from years ago yet recent statistics lessons just flash before my eyes?What chooses what I remember?Where in my brain are my memories stored?How are they stored?

Thursday,6 188ai网站September 2012

Why am I taking Scientific Research?

Why am I taking Scientific Research?Because I have questions.Many questions.Questions about the universe,about the earth,about life,about me,about the wind...I don't know if I want answers to my questions.I don't even know if there are answers.What I do know is that I love the journey.The journey of questions,questions leading to questions,then more questions.I think that's why I am taking SR;to find even more questions.To see just a little bit more,what a miracle it is to be alive!